Program marks sixth year for association

January 04, 2013

by Helen Boatman, Victoria County Master Gardener

Edited by
Charla Borchers Leon, Victoria County Master Gardener
Gardeners' Dirt
Containers provide a wonderful growing medium for color in the garden. An alternative to larger vegetable gardens or landscaped flower beds could be container gardening, the topic of which will be presented July 8, the second Monday in July.
As cute in appearance as they may appear, burrowing animals like gophers and moles can wreak havoc on gardens. Learn how to rid your property of these pests and more at the May 13 session of Lunch and Learn with the Masters.
Trees in natural surroundings, as well as those planted in residential areas, have suffered drastically from the ongoing drought. Peter McGuill, Victoria County Extension Agent-agriculture and natural resources, will share information on landscape tree management at the Lunch and Learn with the Masters session Feb. 11.
Victoria County Master Gardener Association is pleased to announce the return of Lunch and Learn with the Masters, a free educational program for the public. The first session Jan. 14 will begin the sixth year of the program.

Second Monday, January-August

If this is the first time you have heard of the program, we hope you will join us for an hour of gardening instruction the second Monday of each month, January through August, at the Pattie Dodson Health Center, 2805 N. Navarro St., in Victoria. The noon-1 p.m. program is free, and you are welcome to bring your lunch and drink.

If you attended last year, you were among the 854 interested folks from the surrounding counties and beyond. We try to keep our programs current and use your evaluations and feedback to adapt the information for an interested audience.

The mission of the Master Gardener program is to inform the public of horticultural information, and that is our intention. We hope you find our topic selections suitable to your needs and interests. We would be delighted for you to attend all of the sessions.

Jan. 14 - Propagation 101

Starting out the year, Master Gardener Roy Cook will give great pointers on how to make new plants from old plants. Perhaps you received a pretty plant for Christmas you wish to share with others. He'll show you how to do that.

Feb. 11 - Landscape tree management

Peter McGuill, Victoria County Extension Agent-agriculture and natural resources, will share information on the importance of planning the location of trees, as well as their management and care. He will also share vital information on how the drought has affected trees.

March 11 - Rainwater harvesting

Every drop of rainwater is precious, especially during a time of drought. Learn all the various techniques of catching and storage from Certified Rainwater Harvesting Specialist and Master Gardener Kathy Chilek.

April 8 - Preserving the harvest

Vegetable gardeners will soon be harvesting the rewards of their labor. Erika Bochat, Victoria County Extension Agent - family and consumer sciences, will bring important information on the safe handling and various preserving methods of that food.

May 13 - Pest control in the home, garden

Pests in the Crossroads, especially gophers and moles, are a serious problem. Stephen Biles, Integrated Pest Management Extension Agent for Victoria, Calhoun and Refugio counties will share ways to rid your property of these pests. He will also address how to get rid of snails, slugs and other pests that invade your garden.

June 10 - Firewise landscaping

Did you know that there are some plants that will burn faster than others? Myra Sue Schultze, Master Gardener and Firewise landscape specialist, will tell you how to landscape your property with plants that do not burn easily. Knowing the proper placement could possibly help prevent the burning of your home.

July 8 - Container gardening - flowers, vegetables

Master Gardeners Linda Hartman and Gloria Spell will share with you the benefits and care of growing plants in containers. Containers are easy to tend to and movable from one site to another. If you are finding the traditional method of vegetable and flower gardening is becoming harder to do, then perhaps this may be a method you may wish to pursue.

Aug. 12 - Year-round vegetable gardening

With our moderate climate, always having something growing in the vegetable garden is quite possible. Avid vegetable grower and Master Gardener Deanna Wolf will share with you how to do that.

That is the lineup for 2013. Come to one or all of our presentations - you will be most welcome. Bring a family member, friend and/or neighbor.

Once again, all the sessions are free at the Pattie Dodson Health Center, 2805 N. Navarro St. The time is from noon to 1 p.m. Feel free to bring your lunch and drink if you wish. Hope to see you there Jan. 14.

Jan. 14 - Propagation 101

Feb. 11 - Landscape tree management

March 11 - Rainwater harvesting

April 8 - Preserving the harvest

May 13 - Pest control in the home and garden

June 10 - Firewise landscaping

July 8 - Container gardening - flowers and vegetables

Aug. 12 - Year-round vegetable gardening
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