October 2007 VEG EXPANSION Photos by Jerome Janak
Another group of photos taken from the roof of the Officer's Club by Jerome Janak show just the initial hard structures.
A large water garden will go in the large space above the paver walkway next to the patio.  The Military Honor pavers will be placed below the flag poles. This basketweave pathway leads to the covered arbor connecting the expansion area to patio classroom area of VEG and will lead to the pond and expansion areas.
Master Gardeners tilled up the area preparing it for walkways and hard structures.  This is the airstrip side of the Officer's Club. Master Gardeners constructed this pergola located to the left of the front of the Officer's Club. Pat Plowman and Ed Gregurek coordinated building.
Paver walkway leads through covered arbor to the VEG patio.  The wall to the right will be our donor wall display. One last shot showing the walkway from the arbor connected to the pergola.  Thanks, Jerome Janak! :)