Two days to the Master Gardener fall plant sale


September 16, 2004


Victoria County Master Gardener


Get ready, get set for great selections and buys at the Sept. 18 Victoria County Master Gardener fall plant sale on the grounds of Victoria Regional Airport at Victoria Educational Gardens (VEG). We are sure you will be delighted to meet some of our friendly member volunteers who will be available to answer questions about the many plants they have grown specifically for the sale. There will also be gardening reference books on hand for any questions.


This sale will include many types of plants, two groups of which are perennials and herbs. One plant in particular fits the description of both. The ever-popular society garlic, while classified as a perennial, is also considered both a tropical and an herb plant. It is not the best garlic to eat, but it does guarantee to "spice up" any yard.



Society garlic characteristics are large clusters of bright bluish-lavender flowers suspended from masses of clumping chive-like foliage.


They put off a garlic aroma.  These blooms are on actual plants for sale on Saturday.


Numerous shrubs (numbering almost 300) have been generously donated to the sale by Devereux Gardens. Most are evergreen and are available in 3-gallon containers, making them nice additions to any landscape. With greenery in mind, these "designer staples" can carry your yard beautifully through all seasons. A brief rundown of these shrubs includes junipers, boxwoods, ligustrums, hollies and Japanese yew. Although more seasonal in nature, shrubs like oleanders, cenizo and flame acanthus will also be available.


The Master Gardener fall symposium, which will be held in conjunction with the sale for advance paid attendees, will feature several well-known speakers. Cathy Slaughter, an herb expert from Austin and co-owner of Gabriel Valley Farms, will discuss a variety of herbs, some of which will be available for purchase at the plant sale. Likely for sale will be bell pepper basil, mixed lavender, Provence lavender, lemon grass, lemon verbena, lion's tail and Vietnamese coriander.


On a tropical note, plumeria cuttings have also been donated by another symposium guest speaker, local gardening expert David Goris. While he is known as a rosarian and will speak on roses, he also has well over 5 dozen varieties of plumerias in his personal garden. These cuttings are easily rooted, making it fun to share with family and friends. The popularity of this tropical plant has grown tremendously in recent years. If you are not familiar with this beauty, you are in for a real treat. Richly scented, intoxicating blooms that are suspended from large branches with lush green foliage are some of the unique features of this plant, making it a very special addition to your landscape.


Many tropicals and harder to find plants are propagated by our members. Some include root beer plant, crown of thorns, yellow angel trumpets, cigar plant, Philippine violet, moon flower vine, duranta, tropical milkweed, canary ivy, red bird plants, scented geraniums, coral vine, cypress vine, bulbine, Esperanza, pride of Barbados, Mexican spinach and the very popular yellow buttercup, just to name a few.


Several Victoria County Master Gardeners have been in this gardening program from its inception seven years ago, and have shared, cultivated and continuously grown in plant knowledge. This partly accounts for the large selection of plants that are offered. For avid gardeners like many of us - and even for those of you who are just a bit interested in gardening - growing and caring for a variety of plants and sharing them with family and friends while trading with other gardeners is an enriching experience beyond compare.


All of the plants at the sale are arranged by type - such as natives, fruits, vegetables, exotics, bird and butterfly attractants, trees, houseplants, etc. This makes shopping and browsing much easier for the consumer. Trays and boxes are provided to transport plants home, and assistance to your vehicle is available. Each plant is properly labeled with helpful information.


Proceeds from this sale will be used to continue expansion of the Master Gardener's Victoria Educational Gardens. Past plant sale proceeds have helped Victoria Master Gardeners to complete Phase 1 of the garden, which is the Children's Garden, vegetable garden and compost section. Please take a few minutes to stroll through these two picturesque gardens. Our new greenhouse is a work-in-progress.


The next phase will be a significant addition just on the east side of the Officer's Club at Victoria Regional Airport. This will include various mini gardens, such as heirloom, day lily, shade, roses, tropical, xeriscape, international, patriotic, container, wildscape and seasonal. There are plans for a turfgrass display, and water and bog garden. All areas will provide educational materials pertaining to our region. Simply said, your support makes a huge difference in the way people see our gardening community and the environment in which it exists.


This Saturday's destination or outing should be at the Master Gardener plant sale from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Victoria Educational Gardens located at 333 Bachelor Drive at the Victoria Regional Airport. Be on the lookout for bright, colorful directional signs. Get ready, get set ... and come on out! There's always a race for the best selection and buys.