Victoria County Master Gardener Association
and Texas Master Gardener of the Year for 2011
Lupe Cook has contributed a wealth of information and encouragement to other master gardeners and to the community.  Lupe was caught for a photo capture of two Awards plaques VCMGA received at the State Conference in early May 2012~1st for Individual Outstanding Master Gardener for Medium Large Associations and 3rd for a Graphics Presentation called "Bring the Desert to Your Landscape."
Lupe Cook is a master book seller also.  Lupe and Jimmy Miller were selling books at Lunch and Learn with the Master on May 14, 2012.  Service with a smile...
Lupe has always been a motivator and one of her favorite projects is doing the VCMGA Plant Sales.  She is pictured here in the middle with Linda Valdez, and Audrey Smith, co-chairs of the 2008 Fall Plant Sale. What A Success!
Lupe always does a great job of getting her committee to label plants before the plant sales.  Her hard work in the greenhouse always pays off and inspires others to do a good job.
Lupe Cook served VCMGA as Chair or Co-chair of the VEG Greenhouse for many years.  Here Lupe is surrounded by plants she has lovingly helped to propagate for the plant sale or for use in VEG. Propagation of plants is one of her many talents.
With a smile on her face, Lupe Cook joins a group of VCMGA members in making wildflower seed balls.  I wonder just how many seed balls Lupe helped to make!?!
Lupe and husband, Roy Cook, have attended many of the state conferences.  Here Lupe is pictured with Roy showing one of the many State Awards VCMGA has achieved.  Lupe joined VCMGA in 2005 and Roy joined in 2004.
Lupe is shown here with the VCMGA Training Class of 2005.  She is the one in front with blue blouse and pants.  She has always been a front-runner in her class.
Lupe is shown here on the right with a group of VCMGA Training Class members while she and her husband Roy, at head of table, instructed prospective members on the art of propagation.  Training other master gardeners is one of her specialties too.
Lupe and other VCMGA members participated in the Earth Day Expo in April of 2011.  These pirates are having too much fun with the lone eagle, as well as helping students make Seed Ball Cannons.
Lupe says, "If you wanna make a good pirate you gotta have the perfect size Seed Ball Cannons."  She has participated in Earth Day Expo for 4 years.
In 150 words or less please describe the individual master gardener.

Lupe Cook is the heart and soul of our association greenhouse. Since 2007 she has devoted over 1356 volunteer hours to that care as co-chairman. Lupe works steadfastly to train and direct members in developing 2000-3000 plants for our association biannual plant sale, often chairing the entire event.  Her overall interest is to educate adults and children about gardening skills. She has contributed newspaper articles, graphic lectures, presented displays and organized projects.  Additionally, she organized a "Hands-on" propagation workshop for Master Gardener trainees, actively helped with Extension melon grafting projects and taught hundreds of children through the Extension Pasture to Plate project. Lupe is consistenly involved in working at any association function or project, helping wherever she is needed!
Lupe is a true "Master Gardener" with over 2773 hours of exemplary service in six years. Always a congenial helper and efficient chairman, Lupe has brought many successes to our association.

Answer questions as they relate to the 2011 entry year in the space given (10 pts each question).
1. List and describe programs & projects in which the nominee participated.

       Greenhouse Co-Chair - Daily watering, spraying and caring for 2000-3000 plants; labeled and prepared plants for sale, bi-weekly directed and trained members on plant propagation/maintainance;
     Adult Community Education - 1) 4 graphic lectures on cacti, 2) Wrote newspaper article on cactus moth reaching 14 counties, 3) Plant propagation for MG training class, 4) Gardenville Mulch educational event, 5) Extension melon grafting project, 6) Worked MG booth at Farm and Ranch Show.
     Youth Community Education - 1) Chaired Wildflowers Seed-ball presentation for  900 students at Earth Day Expo, 2) Present Pasture-To-Plate herb program for 600 students, 3) chaired school Career Day Wildflower program for 120, 3) Participated in high school rainwater harvesting tour.
     Association Activities - 1) Co-chaired Fall plant sale, 2) Container Gardening project Farm and Ranch Show, 3) Spring and Fall Plant Sale Committee, 4) Master Gardener Executive Board member.

2. Describe abilities related to working with Master Gardeners individually & in groups, and working with Texas AgriLife Extension.

The primary goal of Master Gardeners and Texas AgriLife is to educate. Lupe Cook promotes this goal on a daily basis by doing. She works congenially with individuals in the greenhouse. She spends many days caring for greenhouse plants; about 1300 hours in the last 4 years.  Lupe likes to keep work moving and workers happy.  She teaches and trains the art of gardening.  Her quiet way gets the job done and done well. This can be guaged by over 1500 plants produced for each sale. With each plant the buyer gets a hoticultural label produced by Lupe. These alone educate over 1500 adults. In addition to many greenhouse hours, she is also involved in group presentations for children and adults in hands-on activities. Lupe has chaired sections of the Victoria Educational Gardens breaking new ground as well as maintaining areas. She participates in association management through the executive board and various committees from food to books and anything else that has to do with plants. She has chaired Plant Sales and Awards Dinners. In everything Lupe does, the association knows it will be done smoothly and successfully and involve many of her fellow members.

3. Describe participation in activities that promote Master Gardeners & Texas AgriLife Extension.

Lupe Cook is a tireless worker for our association. The many volunteer hours in every aspect of Master Gardeners has placed her in 1st and 2nd place of local association awards for exemplary work. She volunteers help in home garden tours, training sessions, plant sales, grafting projects and demonstrations in addition to her many greenhouse hours. She actively worked with state wildflower projects, "Lunch and Learn with the Masters" and "The Gardener's Dirt" newspaper articles.  In only six years of being a Master Gardener, Lupe has participated in state and local projects volunteering over 2500 hours to promote Master Gardeners and Texas Agrilife Extension admirably.

4. Hours contributed to Master Gardeners in 2011.

356.50 Greenhouse Hours
301.00 Approved Projects
657.50 Total Hours