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Do some Christmas shopping in August

August 26, 2011

by Brynn Lee, Victoria County Master Gardener

edited by Charla Borchers Leon,
Victoria County Master Gardener
Gardeners' Dirt
With more than 675 brick pavers in the Military Honor Garden at Victoria Educational Gardens, the opportunity is available once again to honor veterans and active armed forces members by ordering a paver by Nov. 12. Shown here is the plaque in VEG that salutes the men and women of our armed forces.
The Path of Family and Friends, with more than 125 brick pavers, can honor a special event in one's life, such as marriage, birthday or anniversary, the memory of a loved one, or pay tribute to a personal achievement.
Active Marines visiting the VEG garden to support the project, from left, are Cpl. Maurice Scarbrough, of Cuero, serving for three years, currently stationed in Japan to become an aviation electrician; Staff Sgt. Robert Rocha, of Tulia, who has served in the Marines for 10 years with a tour of duty in Iraq and is currently serving as a recruiter for the Victoria armed forces offices; and Pvt. Matthew Pohl, of Shiner, who recently graduated from boot camp and will be in training in Missouri to become a member of the military police.
The Victoria County Master Gardeners have just become your personal holiday shopping elf by offering you that special gift that will keep on giving long after Christmas - and for many years to come.


Several years ago, a Military Honor Garden was established in Victoria Educational Gardens to honor those who served in our military. Along with it came a "Pathway of Family and Friends" to allow recognition of those considered "special" - both garden areas to recognize individuals through the placement of brick pavers inscribed with names and credentials. To date, there are 675 military pavers and 125 "Family and Friends" pavers that are in place at VEG for viewing. The beautiful gardens are open to the public free from dawn to dusk and are located at 333 Bachelor Drive at Victoria Regional Airport (across from the control tower).

Because of numerous additional requests to purchase these brick pavers, the Victoria County Master Gardeners have decided to expand the Military Honor Garden and Pathway of Family and Friends into Phase IV. So, if you have or had someone in the military, or have special family or a friend you would like to recognize, now is your chance.


Included in Phase IV, we are offering a new option. We will make a brick paver available for purchase to be displayed in your own personal home garden, business or your favorite chosen place. Just a few ideas for you to consider are: "Grandmother's Garden," "The Lee Family," "Please Don't Pick the Daisies," and let's not forgot those family pets who are no longer with us, "My Best Friend, Duke."


We have made it convenient to place your order via email. Simply go to the Master Gardener website,, click on "pavers" and follow the steps. Or we have order forms available at the following locations in Victoria: County Extension Office, public library, chamber of commerce, armed forces recruiting offices, VFW, American Legion, National Guard Armory, Army Reserve, Catholic War Veterans and Fossati's Delicatessen. The different brick sizes and their prices are noted on the purchase forms, along with names and telephone numbers for any questions.


There are still many people in the area who have never even heard of VEG - much less visited. VEG offers much more to the community than just roses. Master Gardeners are dedicated to educating the public in all aspects of planting and landscaping. Because the gardens are located at the old Foster Field air base, we combine the beauty of flowers and plants with the honoring of our military, past or present.

I have been so blessed to have personally heard some of the heartwarming and heartbreaking stories told by so many of the paver donors, including those of the heroic military buddy and/or the loss of a dear parent.


With each fundraising project organized by the Victoria County Master Gardeners, every penny earned is put back into the gardens. It may be in the form of garden tours for school children, the selling of cookbooks with recipes and tips by our members, the rental of our new pavilion for meetings or parties, or for our fall and spring plant sales. It might even be for a symposium aimed to educate the public on topics from care to the planting of flowers and trees, such as at the upcoming Gardening Symposium scheduled for Sept. 24. Look for upcoming information.

We've began a new class to train those interested in becoming a Master Gardener. You can find out about when and where the next special event is taking place by reading "The Gardeners' Dirt," published weekly in the Victoria Advocate. You may access our website or call the Victoria County Extension Office, 361-575-4581.


Don't let the opportunity to honor someone pass you by - be the first to purchase a gift that keeps on giving. The deadline to buy your paver is Nov. 12, with the anticipation of it being in place and ready for your viewing by Christmas. Order yours now.
A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Garden Pavers at Victoria Educational Gardens

Honor a member of the military
Honor a family member or friend
Garden Pavers for Your Own Location
Create your own message
Remember your favorite pet


For Christmas Viewing

Order online at - Click on "pavers."

Forms available at these Victoria locations:
County Extension Office
Public Library
Chamber of Commerce
Armed Forces Recruiting Offices
American Legion
National Guard Armory
Army Reserve
Catholic War Veterans
Fossati's Delicatessen


Fall Master Gardener Events

Sept. 24 - Gardening Symposium

Oct. 15 - Fall Plant Sale

For more information: or 361-575-4581
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