Victoria County Master
Gardener Association
Gardeners' Dirt Articles
edited by
Charla Borchers Leon
Jan 01 Ground rules and tools for January --  Lawaine Stubblefield
Jan 08
January is time to plant pecan, fruit trees --  Gerald Bludau
Jan 15
Holiday shrub enhances both garden and cuisine -- Mary Greeson
Jan 22
A number of orchid varieties can be grown at home -- Amy Gilner 
Jan 29
Texas superstar trees do well in various landscape settings -- Ann Parks-Hedrick
Feb 05 Ground rules and tools for February --  Bobby and Jo Ann Hoffman
Feb 12
Raised bed gardens --  Diane Smith
Feb 19
Seeds come in variety of shapes, sizes and needs --  Marce Lucke
Feb 26
Turfgrass industry rolling in the green --  Loretta Johnson and Brice Pavlish
Mar 04 Ground rules and tools for March --  Jerome Janak
Mar 11
Weeds in turfgrass survive under adverse conditions --  Loretta Johnson and Brice Pavlish
Mar 18
Prescription for a healthy turf --  Loretta Johnson and Bruce Pavlish
Mar 25
Gardeners know all the best dirt- Homemade or local soil additives can be applied to maintain healthy soil --  Caren Smith
Apr 01 Ground rules and tools for April --  Arline Fox
Apr 08
Abundant exotics transform area landscapes --  Mary Logan
Apr 15
Outstanding gardens feed a need-Butterfly habitats take care of butterflies and their offspring --  June Secrist
Apr 22
A getaway all your own can be found as near as the back yard --  Charla Borchers Leon
Apr 29
A double treat for area gardeners-Annual garden tour and plant sale planned for Saturday --  Diane Alexander
May 06 Ground rules and tools for May --  Gwen McDonald
May 13
The bird-of-paradise-A solution to a designer's creativity block --  Annette Partain
May 20
Beneficial insects necessary in the garden --  Donna Roberts
May 27
Beautiful and brief blossom-Three varieties of hibiscus are Texas Superstar plants --  Doris Martinak and Kathleen Schmidt
June 03 Ground rules and tools for June 2004 --  Loretta Johnson
June 10
Xeriscape-landscaping for water conservation --  Donna Roberts
June 17
Classroom in the garden-Educational project helps children learn about environment --  Diane Smith
June 24
Bromeliads easy to grow in various simulated settings --  Amy Gilner
July 01 Ground rules and tools for July 2004 --  Charla Borchers Leon
July 08
Make a splash with a water garden --  Arline Fox
July 15
Texas master gardeners training begins Aug. 12 --  Jean Wofford and Maria Sobczak
July 22
Recognize and give help to stressed trees --  Loretta Johnson
July 29
Oak diseases-First step in sustaining tree life is identification --  Loretta Johnson
Aug 05 Ground rules and tools for August 2004 --  Donna Roberts
Aug 12
Heavenly plumerias can survive in wet summer conditions --  June Secrist
Aug 19
Dig in now:  Get redy for fall gardening --  Lanny Havemann
Aug 26
Tomatoes planted now mean good eating in the fall --  Amy Gilner
Sept 02 Ground rules and tools for September 2004 --  Donna Roberts
Sept 09
Gardening symposium and plant sale 'fall' into place --  Mary Logan
Sept 16
Two days to the Master Gardener fall plant sale --  Vickie Hopkins
Sept 23
Texas Superstar bluebonnets-White, red, pink colored bluebonnets are natural, not created by man --  Vickie Hopkins
Sept 30
Time to control your weeds --  Marce Lucke
Oct 07 Ground rules and tools for October 2004 --  Ann Parks Hedrick
Oct 14
October best time to plant daylilies --  Doris Martinak
Oct 21
Exhibit the best of your garden at Garden Expo 2004 --  Marie Graham
Oct 28
Winter colors bloom in Victoria-Even with warmer weather, petunias can give feeling of cold season --  Jean Wofford
Nov 04 Ground rules and tools for November-Fall is for harvesting pumpkins, moving shrubs --Vickie Hopkins & Kathy Schmidt
Nov 11
Gorgeous gourds for the holidays --  Maria Sobczak
Nov 18
Thanksgiving cornucopias can add color and spice --  Sandy Knief
Nov 25
Give thanks for what we have received from Native Americans --  Donna Roberts
Special Veteran's Day Article on Ed Gregurek Veteran Gardener
Dec 02 Ground rules and tools for December 2004 --  Charla Borchers Leon
Dec 09
Gardening books good gifts for afficionados and nature lovers --  Mary Logan
Dec 16
Holiday bulbs-Forcing their blooms means adding color to your seasonal decorations --  Martha Sawyers
Dec 23
Community can become part of the community's garden --  Charla Borchers Leon and Pat Plowman
Dec 30
Protection from a visit by Jack Frost --  Will Walker